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Life Insurance Rates From Top Companies

20 Year Term Life Insurance Rate

This is the rate for a 20 year term life insurance policy for a non-smoking 45 year old male with METLIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. The rates for healthy non smoking males are extremely reasonable even with a highly rated company.

Life Insurance Amount

year term

Price Per Year

15 Year Term Life Insurance Quote

This quote is for a term of 15 years for a non smoking female.Females pay lower rates for life insurance than males. This is due to the longer mortality tables.This quote is with Lincoln National Life Insurance Company which is a highly rated carrier.



Price per year

The Insurevida Value

We believe in Fostering Education

An educated consumer is the best consumer. At INSUREVIDA you will find a site that is full of useful information that you can use to guide you in your decision making process. The site is full of information and examples that will teach all about term life insurance. There are many types of policies and conditions that go into life insurance. We want to make sure that you know all your options before purchasing a policy that is right for you and your family.

We Pursue Excellence

When competition is introduced into the equation the consumer always wins. INSUREVIDA believes that having the top life insurance companies in the UNITED STATES compete for your life insurance business will undoubtedly produce excellent results. The companies will need to strive to earn your business this will in turn lead to better products and pricing.

We Practice Honesty

In todays world information flows freely online. Todays consumers have complete pricing transparency. We adhere to the principle of honest pricing with realistic expectations. Life insurance is not a one size fits all type of product but one in which every situation is unique.

tools you can use

We of course realize that there are more exciting things in this world than shopping for life insurance quotes. But, with that said we have tried to produce a site which allows you to use  calculators like our health analyzer and our income replacement tools. Theses tools will allow to see what your real situations are and how you can address them. Most consumers spend more time planning there vacations than there finances but insurance does not have to be dull and we have made every effort to keep it as interesting as possible.

Life Insurance Rates Can Vary Up To 70%

Knowing to ask the right questions about your life insurance is the most important process in the purchasing decision. At INSUREVIDA we want to be your partner in answering those questions and arming with the most accurate information available to make those decisions.We are here to direct you to the latest data and rates. Life insurance has many moving parts but the biggest one is your health. We have thousands of case studies and years of data in the underwriting process. We can show what to look for and which company would be best for you depending on your specific case . For example a diabetic that has very good control of his sugar level can still aquire a very reasonable policy with a very good insurance company if he or she does the research. A CEO can buy a excellant keyperson insurance policy with a company that has a focus on that type of policy which will lead to a huge cost savings for there company. It comes down to letting us help educate you about Life insurance



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